(36) Attributes of mine.

A celestial G-day to Marilyn Monroe who, 57 years ago today, passed on at just 36 years old, but who left a perpetual mark. Undeniably, we are all low-key learning how to be as timeless as she. Kicking off my first post ever, it's only fair to have a bit of her incorporated, in honor of her.

  1. My full names : Emeresiana Lisabeti Israel Sekirasa
  2. I was named after my grandmother [father's side].
  3. Preference : Dusty Pink
  4. Strong addiction : Coffee
  5. Obsession : Norma Jeane Mortenson
  6. Only daughter in the family.
  7. minimalist beginner.
  8. Growing collection : Sunglasses [currently? 12 pairs. yikes!]
  9. A sucker for statement jewelry.
  10. Dream travel : Cuba
  11. Hobby : Novel reading.
  12. Books + the people who read them. An orgasmic combination.
  13. Item(s) always in my bag : Pocketbook + a pen
  14. To live and die in coffee houses.
  15. Genre : Jazz Jazz Jazz.
  16. Musician : Nina Simone
  17. Personal style : Casual meets an underpaid Journalist meets "Do you think hooker vibes at 8AM is frowned upon?"
  18. Dream Personal Style : Vintage High-fashion
  19. Recently found out that it is "wine"NOT dark red. lol
  20. Dreamt of this blog's creation for 4 years now.
  21. A trait fully describing me : s e n s i t i v e

22. Guilty Pleasure : Mukbangs + ASMR videos
23. Religiously read blogs daily.
24. Dream : To own all the literature novels ever written. EVER.
25. Current favorite page [on Instagram] : @leezajonee
26. What you truly didn't know about me : I do not like black hair on me [braids, weaves, you name it.] Always found it lacking.
27. Make-up item preference : Blush
28. A growing hobby : Scheming through online interior décor pages.
29. Poet : Charles Bukowski
30. Poem : Do Not Go Gentle Into The Night by Dylan Thomas
31. Quote of all time : " When suffering knocks at your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tells you not to worry because he has brought his own stool. " -- Chinua Achebe
32. Ernest Hemingway and James Baldwin. Need I say more?
33. Intimacy. In every way. On every level. Limitlessly.
34. Currently learning to perfect the art that is finger waves.
35. Only now deeply grasping life's lessons on revisionreconciliation and redemption.
36. Favorite love : I S R A E L

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