ode | #1

Submission looks different on all of us.
to me, most times, is surrendering to acts in different love languages,
inhaling + exhaling rapidly through strokes, depending on speed and grip on me. .
But rare times,
very rarely,
almost, if not
ever ;
It is my heart undone,
breaking the walls to let your words in,
letting them in with the intent of having them
stay in.
You seeking me physically bare,

in the lightest of lights,
taking my vices of vice
It is when I pray for me,
but God hearing about you more.
It is knowing me,
but perpetually allowing myself
to remember you.
It is my hyperpigmentation and
laugh lines having a seat
YOUR table,
YOUR home,
YOUR wrongs.

It is now,
ever after
and even after the afterlife.

5:01 A.M.

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